I Can’t, Just Can’t….

A few weeks ago a dear friend called and asked if I would be interested in some vintage linens.  She was at a yard sale and a friend of hers was getting rid of her things. My friend, through her phone call, described what her friend was selling.  A pink cotton tablecloth set, containing gold…… Continue reading I Can’t, Just Can’t….

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The Journey of a Hippie Chic Laptop Tote

  There was a movie (and two books) a while ago called The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  A delightful tale of four women and a pair of jeans. Each woman had a story to tell about her adventures with the jeans, and each came away with a greater experience.  Well, so it was with…… Continue reading The Journey of a Hippie Chic Laptop Tote

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Life Comes Back in Memories

Working with vintage textiles is such an adventure for me.  Many times I come across a piece of vintage embroidery and I remember the year which it was created because it was similar to a piece I stitched way back when.  It brings back for me the time spent calming down from a very stressful…… Continue reading Life Comes Back in Memories

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Goodbye Sweet Hippie Chic Laptop Tote

One of the things I love the most about my online shop, Aunt Mayme’s Attic, is the opportunity to stretch my creativity.  Sometimes I get hurried, realizing that my shop is a little empty, and I get busy to make a bunch of things. I tell myself that I “need to get XXX amount of…… Continue reading Goodbye Sweet Hippie Chic Laptop Tote


Help Me With a New Tagline

Well, it’s August, and it’s been four years since I opened my shop.  I always contemplate changes in August, although it might take me to December to implement them.  LOL.  So lately I’ve been thinking, and some have suggested, that I should have a new tagline, also known as a “byline”.  A tagline is a…… Continue reading Help Me With a New Tagline

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Does Anyone from the 1970’s Remember Backless Dresses?

As I was surfing through Etsy the other day, I came across some cotton tapestry fabric A couple of links here:  Dan Morris Art , and here:  Kaftan fabric If you’re as old as I am, you might remember the Indian prints so popular during the 1970’s.  About 50″ long, by 36″ wide pieces of…… Continue reading Does Anyone from the 1970’s Remember Backless Dresses?

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This Past Week in Retrospect

I’m intensely horrified and deeply saddened with the events over this last week.  As an American, I’m ashamed as to how my country is no longer the strong country it was.  What was, in my childhood, a proud place to live  has now become a battleground over racism and violence. Growing up in California, of…… Continue reading This Past Week in Retrospect

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One of the Things I Truly Love About my “Job”

Throughout my travels and connections with people, I come across some real gems.  “Gems” meaning people who are kind and enthusiastic about what I do.  The relationships I’ve established with them are wonderful and rewarding in such a way that I never experienced before, and I’m so very grateful for them. Just the other day,…… Continue reading One of the Things I Truly Love About my “Job”


I’ve Often Said I’m a Purslane Farmer

Now, truly, I don’t “farm” purslane ( known to some as watercress, cat’s tongue, portulaca, pig weed) as purslane grows wild.  It, rather, “grows” on me–quite literally.  Every time I try to grow lettuce or peas, the darn stuff takes over, crowding out my seeds, and placing even more nitrogen in my soil. Yes, I’ve…… Continue reading I’ve Often Said I’m a Purslane Farmer


Laurel Festival No. 2, Down!

Well, it’s been a long weekend.  The 75th Annual Pennsylvania State Laurel Festival has come and gone.  And I was there, with bells on my toes.  Much of the days were spent talking to people; so many people and so kind.  I’d see them walk by the booth and gently smile, as if they were…… Continue reading Laurel Festival No. 2, Down!